Task 3: Coordinating a Multi-Jurisdictional Outreach Strategy

If your community opts for a multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan, your outreach strategy should develop a mechanism for responsibility and coordination among each participating jurisdictions. To seek plan approval for each jurisdiction, the plan must describe how they all were involved in the planning process. The plan document should also explain how each jurisdiction provided opportunities for the participation of the public and stakeholders.

For each participating jurisdiction, specific stakeholders can be identified, and public participation activities need to be designed to reach people during the planning process. A set of outreach materials can be developed by the planning team, and each jurisdiction will own the responsibility to distribute the materials to reach their people and stakeholders. Another effective method is to create a presentation or a series of presentations on the progress of the mitigation plan. The representative of each jurisdiction can deliver the presentations at an open meeting of the governing body or city council scheduled on a regular basis. This is a good way to inform the elected representatives of the planning project and provide an opportunity for the public to review and comment.