Our Internship program is dedicated to enhancing the academic experience by providing students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a research and practice work environment. Our mission is to assist in the educational development of undergraduate and graduate students by providing opportunities to develop as researchers and professionals through experiential learning, testing their skills and exploring a variety of oppurtunities. Students in all majors can explore these internship oppurtunities by working part-time or during the summer in paid, non-paid volunteer internships or academic credit. We regularly update available opportunities on this page. Please visit often and apply for positions that interest you.

Volunteer Internship Positions

At present we have five volunteer positions available on our ongoing research projects. Please see the position details below and email you resume to with a cover letter to – Dr. Himanshu Grover (groverh@uw.edu)

Data Analysis and Research Interns (2)

The primary job responsibilities are data collection and analysis to support ongoing research at the Institute. The Interns will be closely supervised by research faculty, and trained to use research methods for data collection and analysis. Existing background with basic statistics, and knowledge of SPSS, STATA or R is desirable.

Research Support Interns (3)

The job responsibilities include assisting the researchers at the Institute in various tasks to support ongoing research activities. Various tasks include collection of information from secondary sources, collection and analysis of planning information, and methodological research. The Interns will work closely with the Research supervisors heading the research project, and will have the opportunity to learn about innovative research techniques employed in our research projects.

Academic Credit

To determine whether or not an opportunity can be considered for academic credit, you must first fill out the initial contact form here. Make sure to highlight your areas of research intersts.  A faculty member from the Institute will contact you to discuss the details of your research project for academic credit. At the same time you should also consult with your department internship coordinator. Also refer to the University guidelines available here. Most students will have to register for URBDP 600 or URBDP499. The forms and gudielines can be downloaded here.

Here are a few important guidelines to consider when applying for academic credit through the institute:

  • An internship must be completed in the quarter you’re getting academic credit
  • Internships require approximately 30 hours of work for each hour of academic credit awarded.
  • Generally, you’ll work 10 to 20 hours a week during a quarter.
  • Your Role: You are responsible for securing an internship, coordinating with the Faculty Sponsor and your Program Supervisor, and communicating research expectations to both parties. You are also responsible for completing your required internship hours, submitting an academic project that meets your Faculty Sponsor’s expectations, and maintaining correspondence with both your Faculty Sponsor and Program Supervisor.
  • Academic Project: According to University of Washington policy, students cannot earn credit for internship hours alone.  Instead, you earn credit for using your internship to deepen your academic learning as you draw connections between the classroom and your research experiences. The academic project is the equivalent of the exams, essays, and other assignments that you would be expected to complete in a UW course. Most students complete their academic project in the form of an analytic paper.  Your final paper should develop an argument about an academic topic, using academic sources to offer evidence in support of your thesis.The paper cannot simply be a summary of your internship experience.

Paid Internship Positions

At present no paid positions are available. Make sure check back regularly as we update these positions on every week.