Daniel Abramson

Daniel B. Abramson

Currently, Prof. Abramson focuses on community resilience and adaptive planning in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation, as well as periurban and rural responses to rapid urbanization. Students at all levels of undergraduate and graduate education join his work, through course projects, community-engaged studios as well as thesis and dissertation research. Projects in Washington integrate studios with FEMA- and NSF-funded research on new protocols for state agencies and communities to envision earthquake- and tsunami-resilient development. Projects in Asia have included six China Village Studios with academic partners from Chengdu and Taiwan; a six-month Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship in recovery planning after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan; a collaborations with Kobe University to use participatory GIS for urban neighborhood earthquake recovery; and collaborations with Tohoku University and CIGIDEN (Chile) to compare conditions for resilient community planning in subduction zones around the Pacific Rim.