Institute for Hazard Mitigation Planning and Research

Our Mission

Mission Statement: The Institute is dedicated to exploring ways to integrate hazards mitigation principles into a wide range of crisis, disaster, and risk management opportunities. Its mission is to build a resource center that will enhance risk reduction activities through research and analysis of hazards, policies related to mitigation and through outreach to the community. The Institute provides expertise in disaster preparedness, response and recovery with a special emphasis on mitigation and planning in the promotion of community sustainability.

The Institute is interdisciplinary in focus and structure, and the capabilities of the Institute are enhanced by its close relationship with other academic and research organizations. This incorporates collaboration with several other disciplines within the University of Washington including:

Civil Engineering
Marine Affairs
Public Affairs
Public Health

In addition, the Institute has developed partnerships with other organizations so that a broad spectrum of risk reduction activities are available. These organizations include:

Local, State and Federal governments
Other universities
Consulting firms

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning is currently launching new areas of specialization in environmental planning, land use/infrastructure planning and real estate development. Hazards mitigation is a track within the environmental planning specialization. Courses and expertise are available through the College and through distance learning programs.


Disasters can be viewed as natural or man-made acts that are outside human control.  However, reducing the resulting risks is within our control.  We have the capability to understand the associated risks and the obligation to mitigate their effects.

Please email Bob Freitag with any questions or comments.